The Transformational Coach

To empower and celebrate you and to bring out the blessing in you
To help you to embrace yourself, appreciate your maker in you, nurture your whole self mentally and physically, enhance your true beauty inside out, build your self-esteem & confidence, as well as self-reliance that are truly ideal for every one of all ages regardless of fitness level, background, class, color, culture, and gender.
  • To motivate You to Becoming “The Blessing”
  • To help you to live well, be well, live in your purpose, and soar into your Blessing
  • To provide timely inspirational wellness strategies and practical steps to assisting you who to live healthier lives and attain greatness
  • To inspire families by empowering women to equip our young generation early in life for a healthier world through timely inspirational wellness strategies, healthy behavioural practices, and empowerment guidelines
  • To help you to indulge in practices that promote healthy lifestyles which includes realistic, educational, fun and exciting wellness intervention programs to promote good health and prevent chronic diseases.
  • To inspire mothers to embrace their motherly roles as the breast milk-bread maker of the home to step up, cultivate healthy habits by example, empower, and educate their young children/youths, especially the girl-children who are our tomorrow’s mothers starting from infancy for the children’s sake and a healthier future for us all.
Ultimate Goal
  • To “Be A Real Blessing” to You
  • To Be Your Inspirational Partner in Whole Wellness and Inner True Beauty
  • To Inspire You to Greatness in ALL SPHERES OF LIFE
  • To be your true partner in inspirational, whole wellness and inner true beauty
  • To promote behavioral lifestyle modification awareness initiatives to communities worldwide via multimedia approach, preventive medicine, chronic disease prevention to WINNING Greater Global Wellness

Transformational Coach

Dr. Queen Blessing is a woman of empowerment and she uses mindset secret to achieving greatness and holistic greater wellness to successfully offer the inspirational – Exceptional 10 “E’s” to Engage, Empathize, Enhance, Enlighten, Encourage, Empower, Enable, Educate, Enrich, and Establish daily healthy and inner beauty habits. Together with Dr. Queen Blessing’s excellent holistic approach through engaging strategic activities that address the whole body, mind, and spirit. The holistic approach influences participants to ignite the will to truly self-motivate and self-elevate themselves to the action of truly loving and nurturing their authentic self on both personal and professional level.  Her participants are able to gain insights to connecting with their inner consciousness and wholeness for greater wellness as they appreciate and aligning themselves to investing, transforming, and actualizing their dreams as they blossom into their purpose and become the Blessing.

Dr. Queen Blessing diverse executive coaching and various keynote speaking topics are designed as

  • Solution to Uncovering Mindset Secrets to achieving peak performance in all spheres of life
  • Mindset Makeover to ELEVATING your vision BEYOND your imagination
  • RISING in Action to increasing your impact in this world, your influence, and your income!

These special sessions will help you hone your skills or kick start your greatness and wellness blessings.

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” – William Shakespeare

Dr. Queen Blessing is a “WOW” woman empowering others to Wellness, Wealth, and Wisdom (Woman On Wellness, Woman Of Wealth, Woman Of Wisdom (WOW))

She believes that everyone is created with inherent talents and everyone can be great.

Everyone is born blessed with a purpose to becoming great and becoming ‘the blessing.’ To achieve greatness and to become the blessing, you must be healthy, well, and alive because wisdom shows that “wellness is wealth.” This is why Queen Blessing focuses on helping others to overcome the challenges and limitations in their present and past pain and disappointment. She empowers others with the transformative insight to discovering hidden capabilities to soaring into greatness – the blessing that they were born to be.

Dr. Queen Blessing has learned to embrace herself and own her circumstances; she has mastered the act of empowering other women to own and value themselves. She has been empowering women to love, embrace, appreciate, and honor themselves for over 20 years.

She is the author of “Dying Inside, No-Bleach Call to Loving Your True Skin.”

Dr. Queen Blessing has offered expert guest commentary on international television and at the world stage – United Nations with powerful presentation based on her book: “We Are The Blessings of Africa.” She has been the special guest speaker at reputable events.

She has chaired and moderated United Nations event and at conferences. 

Dr. Queen Blessing is a motivator, an instructor at the History Makers Training, HMT.

She is known to inspire and motivate individuals to fit, whole wellness.

Focus Area/Topics

Full Potential Deployment/Fulfilment of Purpose via whole self-wellness: True Inner Beauty Wellness, Lifestyle Transformation, Professional & Self-development, Self-Care/Self-Accountability, Self-love, Self-nurture, Spiritual Insight for Winning in life when God is in it, and many more.

There are diverse segments/modules designed generally for everyone and specifically for women and their families to celebrate and to uplift women to stepping into the leadership role as agents of change.

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The various segments/modules address key goals We know that no one is immune to life’s circumstances, so key issues holding women back from celebrating their authentic selves, loving themselves, excelling into their chosen careers, blossoming into the royal, Blessed Self that they are born to be are thoroughly addressed. They relearn how to break free from captive in all spheres of lives, including wellness in all spheres of life – social, emotional, lifestyle, behavioral attitude, perception, experiences, feeling, relationship, prosperity, money, etc. needs of women in both their personal and professional lives. The segment/modules topics are used for educational empowerment in seminars, retreats, classes, Christian settings, etc. They are powerful and insightful resources that guide and inspire participants in stepping into and fulfilling their God-given roles. We must accept whole wellness and greatness pursuit as a way of life! Our understanding of who we as blessed to be a blessing will motivate and energize us to pursue greater wellness and become wealthy in good health!

Here is Dr. Queen Blessing’s word to you

Unconscious Unhealthy Habitual Foundation Sabotages your success, you must consciously break the pattern of thoughts within you that holds you back…be it fear, lack, self-doubt, others’ opinion, etc.

Step 1

Stop Fighting and Controlling!
I am not here to just cheer you on or help you to accelerate, but to help you get your leg off your brake which sabotages acceleration of your life. I am here to empower you to surrender the sabotages of your life and to break the habit of “I am trying, but I cannot.”

Step 2

Breaking the sabotage pattern in you:
Take Your Foot Off the Parking Brake Why pressing the throttle/gas of your life: Overcoming Self Sabotage. When you parking brake is on, you cannot get to your destination, regardless of how hard or how much you subconsciously press on the gas without taking your foot off the brake You can consciously break the things, thoughts, in you that stops or holds you back. Build Solid Foundation for Your Desires

Step 3

Surrender and let me help you!
I have developed a new and exciting program that you will love. As a Counselor, Public Health Practitioner, Biochemist, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition & Fitness Training, and wealth of prevention research experience, and creating the Supremely Blessed for Blessing – unlocking the blessing code, along with my weight loss, fitness business, image transformation beauty from within for over a decade, I have been privileged to successfully help many people win and maintain a healthy body! I am truly very passionate about helping people, not only to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals, but to help them to achieve greatness – the blessing! I love when people say to me, you are truly a Blessing! You have been an Inspiration!! It makes me joyful to see big smiles on their faces because they have been encouraged, empowered, and educated to get healthier. This is your time; it is your turn to get the same help and result, Get your Blessings, you do not want to miss the blessings!!! I have had an unprecedented result with my clients of diverse backgrounds and I am generous enough to want to share this success of wellness blessings made easy for fun. 
Born Supremely Blessed: Unlocking the Blessing Code by Nurturing Yourself to Greatness to Becoming the Blessing.  Be The Blessing, and Be a Blessing
 Help you to unlock the Blessing code which is the ultimate greatness code. Participants/Audience will feel motivated and empowered to be well and “be the blessing”
To provide critical improvement necessary to strengthening families worldwide.

  • To empower you in all works of life and backgrounds/culture/Class
  • To Becoming The Blessing, leading wellness pursuit connecting them
  • To add great value to yourself and other as you learn to providing support, solutions, and resources to your families and others in your locality for a healthier, wealthier you.
  • To stir thought-provoking, positive, and uplifting affirmations
  • To Inspire, Impact, and Influence you to Self-love, Self-care, Personal & Professional Self- development
You Are Supremely Blessed, Be The Blessing, Be A Blessing’ are timely, thought-provoking, Positive, and Uplifting Affirmations purposed to stir in you

  • A Global Exploit Mindset in you with the sole purpose to Inspire, Impact, and Influence them to Identifying their Place in the World, which starts with Self-love, Personal & Professional Self- development, including Lifting Others for a better world
  • The actions and guiding principles essential to Discerning, Developing, and Discharging YOUR God-deposited special gifts and greatness to Full Potential and be of great values to the world. You are the blessing of the world

Be unstoppable!!!

Journey with me as we unlock the blessing code, discover, develop, and deploy your supremely blessed self. Let me help you to learn life transformation principles with clarity and let me guide you to discover your purpose, develop your Godly perception, and deploy your blessed self into the blessing that you were born to be now.

Dr. Queen Blessing will support you to your NEXT greatest level that you desire to be or should actually be! 

But first, You MUST Be READY to:

  • LET GO of YOUR excuses and let go of self-defeating thoughts and all the things that been holding me down and soaring higher!
  • See yourself as God sees You –BLESSED,
  • Discover and Believe in that Your VISION to Greatness!
  • STOP wasting Your Valuable time, stop beating yourself up, and stop hiding in the shadows
  • Be Brave, Have Courage to Start…’a journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step…the hardest step, by the way.
  • Be MOTIVATED, TAKE ACTION to grow, blossom, and succeed
  • FOCUS on Your determination to persist in your endeavours
  • Let Your OWN light SHINE and SOAR,
  • Be THE BLESSING, DO GREATER things for yourself, Your Family, your business, Your Community, your World
  • Become “The Blessing”

Available Programs

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“When God is in it” Series

Self-Appreciation, Adding God to Self-love

Wellness Code: Winning Greater Wellness

Cooperate, Professional, and Personal Wellness

Other Programmes (expand to see details)

Parental Code with Mother of Distinction
  • Empowering Parents, Educators, Caregivers on Fitness Nutrition for children of all ages
  • How to Bless Your Children with Wellness Gifts
  • Instilling fitness Nutrition Healthy Habits in Children of all ages


True Beauty

  • Lifestyle Transformation
  • Image Consulting/Coaching
  • Self-care and Self-development
Royalty Code with Woman of Royalty
  • You Are A Royalty

    Are you unhappy with the way you look? Be encouraged, this session will help you. True beauty is more than just the external or outer adornment of the body and styling/braiding of the hair. Solution to overcoming the lack of being true to yourself and cherishing your real you, Self-Love, Media Image on Beauty, Body Image. Royal Code. How Are You Presenting Yourself – Royally?

Community/Embracing Diversity with Global Ambassador
  • Togetherness
  • Making a Difference
  • Community Development
  • Transforming Cultures

Book Dr. Queen Blessing for speaking Engagement

 Your Blessings Coach is available to speak publicly all over the world for businesses, educational institutions, health care providers and member organizations.

Book Queen Blessing for Your Next Event: Speaking engagements, media request, and personal appearances

As a motivational speaker her audience ranges from churches, schools and companies, etc.

Her overall work spans from self to selfless Empowerment

  • Community Empowerment (Empowering Lives)
  • Preventive Wellness Empowerment (Wellness is Wealth) 
  • Authentic Self/Transformational Empowerment
  • Enrich Africa Empowerment (Empower Africa)
  • Youth Empowerment

***Keynote Motivational Speaker/Transformational Coach fees vary in price based on the location and length of the event, speaker’s distance from the event. Travel expenses, including lodging, transportation and meals may constitute additional costs.

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