Unlocking the Blessing Code

The Blessing Code is the ULTIMATE CODES TO GREATNESS Code. It is a set of core values, beliefs, principles, and practices that serve as the crucial key to stirring up positive thoughts, building critical thinking skill, necessary to discovery and transforming inherent ideas/talents/ visualizations/affirmations/potentials into full potential and Greatness using the 4 D’s X 13A’s Theory along with the power of Vision, Passion, Choices, Decisions, Consistency, Focus, and Determination for the purpose of becoming the Blessing you are born to be in the world.

  • You are Supremely Blessed, Become “the Blessing”full potential deployment
  • Be “A Blessing”
  • Inspirational messages for Greatness


Discover Self: Supremely Blessed

Know that you are born supremely blessed with Unique Gifts, release negative energies that keep you trapped and dissatisfied. This session will help you to discern your potential and believe in yourself. Solutions exploring your dream with discern.


 Develop Self: Becoming the Blessing

Nurture Your Blessed Self, develop your dreams, recharge your perception and outlook about your place in the world, create your blessed life, and Becoming the Blessing.  This session will help you to be well, shape your character, and nurture yourself to greater wellness. Solutions to overcoming the lack of drive to achieving the vision you truly dream and desire…


Deploy Self: Be The Blessing – Self- Empowerment: Soar in your purpose into greatness and becoming the blessing that you are born to be now and blossom into blessing -The Blessing. This session will help you to deploy your social gifts into full Potential, the ultimate greatness and blessing within you. Solutions to committing to a VISION, Soar in Your Purpose, and Be the Blessing


Be A Blessing: Selfless Empowerment: The Blessing Inspire, Impact, and Influence others. Identifying Your Place in the Worlds starts with Self-love, Building Personal & Professional Self as well as Lifting Others

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