Empowering the Voiceless: Core Areas

  • Human trafficking
  • Support for Abused & Abandoned Single Mothers In Distress and Their Children
  • Support for Women and Families In Need
  • Poverty Eradication
  • Community Development

Dr. Queen Blessing  is the visionary founder of Global Empowerment Movement & Blessings of Africa Empowerment Foundation organizations that empower the economic development in the USA and in the motherland – Africa. She is also the Founder of the African Union Sixth Region USA Foundation (AU6RUSA) to assist, mobilize, organize, and unite the people of African Descent in the United States of America.

Global Empowerment Movement (GEM) Corporation is a Georgia non-profit organization and a federal 501© (3) corporation in the United States with a registered Nigerian affiliate, Blessings of Africa (BOA) Empowerment Foundation for empowerment purpose.

Global Empowerment Movement Corporation works with Blessings of Africa Empowerment Foundation, a humanitarian NGO established to enrich Africa, empower families, inspire women, mentor youth, revitalize communities, build poor, rural communities, and economic empowerment centers/programs with a focus on technical schools, hospitals, and low-cost housing for the needy families across Africa.

BOA Empowerment Foundation desires establish green technology and entrepreneurships to provide a thriving environment for women to engage equitably in enterprise and social development and to build a self-sustainable Green City that would consist of Eco Residential, Industrial, Schools, Commercial, Hospitals, Recreation, and Learning Center.

BOA Goal is to create opportunities for women and youth to utilize available resources to impact the community development as well as build the skillset and technical knowhow for sustainaascable value.

The humanitarian organizations provide enrichment and outreach programs for the upliftment of the vulnerable. When people are lifted out of mental and economic despair, our communities are stronger and richer for it. Change can be made, but it starts with each one of us.

Global Empowerment Movement (GEM - USA)

“Empowering Lives”

“A USA Global Humanitarian Organization in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Since 24 July 2018”Dr. Queen Blessing is a Humanitarian.

GEM USA Vision

To bridge the gap, foster togetherness and socioeconomic empowerment; to address the issues in our local community; and to connect people and resources to Nigeria, Africa for the economic and community development of the motherland.

GEM USA Aims & Objects:

  • To champion the wellbeing and support of women and children in distress
  • To promote women empowerment and gender equalization
  • To create the international platform for empowering women and people in need across various communities
  • To generate interests and provide support for various endeavors aimed at youth empowerment, combating poverty, and curbing human trafficking.

Abused & Abandoned Single Mothers In Distress and Their Children

Dr. Queen Blessing also uses the Global Empowerment Movement (GEM) USA platform to address critical issues like human trafficking and abuse as well as provide support for abused/abandoned single mothers in distress and their children.

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Despite abundance in our world, the society seem to turn a blind eye on the most vulnerable people in need, including the abused and abandoned single mothers in distress and their children who are prone to economic deprivations, poverty, and vulnerable to exploitation, deception, prostitution, sex trafficking, further abuse, and pain. Dr. Queen Blessing started her Foundation years ago without enlisting the support of people, grant, and institutions, but with key objective of giving hope to the poor and vulnerable women, mothers and their children.

Global Empowerment Movement was also founded for the economic empowerment of voiceless women, youths, support for People in Need (PIN), and community development – development of the Motherland. In the same vein, the African Humanitarian NGO – Blessings of Africa

Dr. Queen Blessing also connects resources, investment, funds, and people to Nigeria, Africa in fulfillment of her mandate: Rebuilding Nigeria – the motherland together. She wrote a book about the development of the motherland: “We Are the Blessings of Africa, Reshaping Our Greatness Together” recently launched at the General Assembly, UN, New York. Click here to watch event

She visits Nigeria and other African Countries frequently with business delegates from China-Middle East-USA with the ultimate goal of bringing resources, funding, and business delegates to Africa for the development of the motherland. On her recent visit to Nigeria , Africa, she visited the First Lady of Nigeria, Her Excellency, Mrs. Aisha Buhari with her Collective delegation at the Presidential Villa.

Although Dr. Queen Blessing mobilizes Africans in the Diaspora – USA to participate in the development in the motherland, she strongly believes that to truly fulfil the desire to economically empower the women motherland,  women leaders including the First Ladies and the Ministers of Women Affairs, etc. are needed to anchor the women empowerment project. We are stronger together; and together, we can win the selfless effort of fighting against women subjugation, poor healthcare, poverty, abuse, and human trafficking.  

Dr. Queen Blessing is a strong advocate for issues affecting women, children, families, and victimized voiceless people in need in Africa and in the Diaspora. Click here to learn more

Blessings of Africa Advocate (www.blessingsofafrica.org)

Dr. Queen Blessing is a development and gender advocate. Dr. Queen Blessing has made the clarion call to the People of African Descent to rise and unite as the Blessings of Africa in the development of Africa and African people. She walks the talk as the “Blessing of Africa.” She founded the Blessings of Africa (BOA) Empowerment Foundation to do just that – develop Africa and African People.

The “Blessings of Africa” Empowerment Foundation, African NGO bridges the gap, empowering the African People In Need, and bringing developments to Mother Africa. She strongly believes that to truly fulfil the desire to eradicate poverty, abuse, subjugation, and human trafficking, there is a need to empower the people of Africa economically. Through her platform, she addresses critical issues that plague women and development including advocacy for gender-based violence and support for abused, abandoned single mothers and their children in distress. For sustainable development and poverty eradication.

(BOA) Empowerment Foundation was established to work with GEM USA to support the African People in Need and to provide hope and quality of life though our endeavors to bring investment that benefits the communities. We connect investors to Nigeria, Africa to provide a list of services that interconnect society such as water, shelter, energy, connectivity and a path for funding.

We also reach out to well-meaning organizations and individuals to support our goal to

  • Create the pathways to hire and train local workers
  • Build poor/rural communities, community revitalization with a focus on building technical schools, hospitals, and low-cost housing for the needy
  • Establish empowerment centers for economic empowerment, technical education, and capacity development

Giant Strides in Africa

Through her humanitarian efforts, Queen Blessing has produced anti-human trafficking movie, Mrs. Adams to create awareness education, etc. as well as links resources, funding, and investment to Africa in fulfillment of her mandate: “Development of the motherland.” 

In addition, by using her extensive global alliance network. She brings to Africa the Expertise, Investors and Funding for investments, engineering and management from concept to reality. Her team for Economic Development recently collaborated with the office of the Vice President of Nigeria, His Excellency, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, leading a high-level International trade mission from the United States of America with the sole purpose of increasing the economy and the quality of life.


For sustainable development and poverty eradication, Dr. Queen Blessing also connects resources, investment, funds, and people to rebuilding Africa – the motherland. She leads various teams of investors including mobilizing Africans in the Diaspora – USA on trade missions and investment in the motherland. On one of such trade missions which comprised of the US-China-Middle East delegation, she visited with Her Excellency, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, the First Lady of Nigeria on January 2018 with Our Collective Future team.


The team was presented with the Future Assured award and Her Excellency assured the team “of her readiness to collaborate in providing humanitarian services to women, children and other less privileged in the country.” (https://www.vanguardngr.com/2018/01/aisha-buhari-seeks-collaborate-us-based-ngo-humanitarian-services). Future Assured champions Her Excellency’s great causes for Women and Children, which mirrors many of our international desires and aspirations for Nigeria. Through her Humanitarian GEM USA, she seeks to partner with FUTURE ASSURED, the office of the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and the other leaders in the motherland because we are stronger together. Together, we can ensure that the women wellness & wellness empowerment is adopted as a National-International issue and that there be no community, or any woman left behind, especially the rural women and communities.


She also visited with the Executive Governor of Edo State, His Excellency, Godwin Obasecki, on January 22, 2018 (www.godwinobaseki.com/edo-govt-seeks-partnership-with-diaspora-community-on-gender-mainstreaming/), and many others in hopes of collaborating with them to develop the motherland. She granted NTA in Lagos a live interview where she talked about her selfless, advocacy work and vision of a developed Nigeria, Africa.

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