Her Excellency Dr. Queen Blessing Ose Itua, an award-winning recipient of President Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Service is an Outstanding Georgia Citizen, a Goodwill Ambassador, and a United Nations Representative. She is a resilient, tenacious, vibrant personality, public health practitioner, author, motivational speaker, social activist, producer, businesswoman, and fabulous mother of distinction to two sons and two daughters. She is a transformational coach, a counsellor, and a Diplomate – Certified Psychotherapist Counsellor (DCPC). As a specialist in spiritual counseling, she motivates others to maximize full potentials by adding God into their life pursuits and circumstance for the desired attitude and action. She believes in addressing whole wellness issues of the individual (physical, spiritual, and psychological issues).  This is the real secret to reawakening the individual to unlocking the blessing code and blossoming into the blessing that they were created to be.

Educationally, Queen Blessing is a biochemist, public health practitioner with earned doctorates in Theology, Ministry, and Diplomate – Certified Psychotherapist Counsellor (DCPC). 

She earned her biochemistry degree from the prestigious University of Benin, Nigeria.

In the USA, she earned a Master of Public Health from the University of Illinois, Chicago, USA, Technical Management degree from DeVry University, Fitness Nutrition/Fitness Training from ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), USA. In addition to the earned doctorates, Dr. Queen Blessing was also conferred a Ph.D. in Humanities and Humane Letters (Honoris Causa), USA. Dr. Queen Blessing is also Georgia State Board Certified Master Beauty Expert and is entrepreneur of Blessings Beauty Supply Stores for over a decade in Georgia.

Her painful, but powerful personal experiences of abuse and abandonment along with her four young children inspired her diverse educational backgrounds. She decided to complete Doctorates in Ministry and Theology education when she learnt to add God to her life’s challenges and pursuits.

Her important life lessons and diverse educational backgrounds in biochemistry, public health promotion – preventive wellness, cosmetology, fitness nutrition, Ministry, theology, etc. inspire her inspirational books, awareness-educational movies, supremely blessed for blessings inspirational, image-wellness-lifestyle transformational messages delivered to many globally through her educational empowerment books, movies, and NGOs.

                                                                                                                                                 Her Excellency Dr. Queen Blessing Itua                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Goodwill Ambassador /United Nations Representative                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Founder, Global Empowerment MovementAward-winning Author/Advocate                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Recipient of President Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Service                                                                                                         A multifaceted inspirational woman of worth with a vibrant personality and a fascinating-extensive-diverse professional experience.

Highly esteemed and adored – beauty, brains, and talent

 This varied background and devotion to service have earned her much respect among her peers as a “highly esteemed and adored – beauty, brains, and talent.”

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Mother of Distinction

Dr. Queen Blessing wears many hats. Her most noteworthy position is that of a delightful, fit, and fabulous resilient, blessed, resilient single mother of perseverance to national phenomena.

She is a mother of distinction to four phenomenally, supremely blessed children (two princess – Ansel & Asher and two princesses – Angel & Precious). She proudly puts her four children first and raised champions. 

Amidst the challenges of a single mother of four young children and her demanding, extensive career, despite her overloaded calendar, she still finds time to be a blessing. She allocates time to “Be A Blessing” succeeding by her mantra: “Supremely Blessed to Be A Blessing.”

Dr. Queen Blessing is a dedicated mother who understands the value of investing in her children in spite of the challenges.

She regularly buys out the time to travel with her Prince, Ansel to represent the State as the State National Geographic Bee Champion on National television; to take him to High Q to represent the school on WSBTV Channel 2; to take him weekly from high school to the University for dual enrollment at just 15 years old. 

Being able to raise National phenomena, “First Place in the Nation” medal winner, and a having a child wo completed University with High Honors before completing High School diploma during the tormentors’ storms of abuse and abandonment has no doubt earned Queen Blessing the most prestigious commendation as a resilient, “blessed mother of distinction.” 

Dr. Queen Blessing is extremely grateful to God that her children excelled in spite of the storm of traumatizing events and for making her a mother of distinction with one becoming a college degree holder before High School graduation! Read here

Prince Ansel, my Blessed son, in whom I am well pleased, graduates from the University with High Honors before graduating from High School! It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes!

Her 16 years old  Princess daughter, Angel  wins $12,000 Georgia’s art competetion. Read here

Thank God for His Grace!! #proudmother

A Victor of Abuse and Abandonment

Dr. Queen Blessing’s personal life experiences and diverse educational background inspire her powerful messages. She is a victor of abuse and abandonment along with her four young children, complicated by single motherhood challenges and economic hardships. 

In her pain, Queen Blessing discovered her true calling was working with people to serve their communities and the motherland – Africa. She served as the executive coordinator of African Diaspora Day at the Capitol and international chief adviser to Georgia Senator before becoming the founding executive president of the Global Empowerment Movement (GEM – USA) and Blessings of Africa Empowerment Foundation (BOA – Africa) humanitarian organizations that empower and dignify the needy, abused and abandoned mothers and children in distress.

Queen Blessing’s captivating story of courage, determination, perseverance, resilience, and success inspires her empowerment and advocacy. From her painful, but powerful personal experiences, she mastered the act of adding God to life’s issues and pursuits. As a result, she completed Doctorates in Ministry and Theology education.

Adding God to her education, important life lesson, hurt, and challenges, Dr. Queen Blessing turned her pain to power. Now, she graciously helps to motivate others to do the same. She captivates audiences and motivates individuals to act, to achieve greatness, and to “be the blessing” that they were born to become.

Dr. Queen Blessing has worked and coached individuals and in group settings. She has written books about image-perception makeover in promotion of her mindset transformation messages of authentic self-love, hope, and blessings. She assists clients in identifying and releasing false perception, self-doubts, and negativity that prevent them from deploying their Blessings, dreams, and greatness.

Creator of Unlocking “The Blessing Code” series

Dr. Queen Blessing commitment to inspiring others to personal transformation necessary for reaching crowning potential ignited her passion to create the Unlocking “The Blessing Code” series, empowering You to “Uncover Your Blessings.” Dr. Queen Blessing understands that you are born blessed with inherent blessings, unlock and uncover your blessings and be the blessing that you are created to become.

This “Ultimate Greatness” Code Initiatives focused on mindset makeover empowerment aimed at Self-Economic Empowerment (SEE) Skills and Selfless-Empowerment: “Dignify the Needy with Your Surplus.”

Dr. Queen Blessing believes that greatness is within us but uncovering the greatness within starts with self – our mental perception, understanding, and full conviction of our critical role in this world. She empowers others to greatness by helping them to see themselves as “Blessed To BE A Blessing.”

Dr. Queen Blessing believes that ‘wellness is wealth,’ and she passionately advocates for women wellness, wellbeing, and economic empowerment. When you empower a woman, you empower not just for her herself, but her family and her community. We cannot afford to leave the wellness destiny and well-being success just to chance. We must mentally prepare, plan, and strategize for optimum wellness, the foundation of full potential deployment.

 Queen Blessing achieves her empowerment programs through ongoing series of inspirational, educational, motivational, and informational books/seminars/presentation on timely topics, including fitness training, nutrition, lifestyle wellness, weight loss management strategies, etc. She blends self-help mindset-transformation empowerment books and films that will help the target audience to master personal and professional development and self-love.

Empower Africa Advocate

Dr. Queen Blessing is “Esan”- Edo State born, Nigerian – African American Queen, who proudly embraces her African Royal and Pride, and she motivate others to do the same. Her pride in Africa compelled Queen Blessing to devote her life to “Empower Africa.”

Queen Blessing visits Nigeria and other African Countries frequently with business delegates from China-Middle East-USA with the ultimate goal of bringing resources, funding, and business delegates to Africa for the development of the motherland.

Although Dr. Queen Blessing mobilizes Nigerians in the Diaspora – USA to participate in the development in the motherland; however, she strongly believes that to truly fulfil the desire to economically empower the women in Nigeria which will greatly impact on present development effort, women leaders including the First Lady and her Future Assured organization, the Minister of Women Affairs, etc. are needed to anchor the women empowerment project.

We are stronger together; and together, we can win the selfless effort of fighting against women subjugation, poor healthcare, poverty, abuse, and human trafficking.

International Adviser

Dr. Queen Blessing proudly serves as an International Chief Adviser 

Queen Blessing prides herself in her developmental advocacy work with her circle of global influence including ambassadors, heads of states/first ladies, government officials, members of parliament, Royalties/Emirs/Kings /Queens/Princes/Princesses, business leaders, etc. She liaises between government officials, decision-makers, business leaders, and investors.  She facilitates businesses training/exchange internationally for a strong, economic development, and cultural bridge between Africa and America.

Dr. Queen Blessing frequently attends high-level meetings for consistently sharpening her professional development and advocacy. She chairs/moderated the United Nations (UN) CSD and CSW side events.

Author, Georgia Senate Resolution 381

Dr. Queen Blessing is the author of Georgia Senate Resolution 381.

The Title: State Department of Economic Development; cooperate with Queen Blessing Itua, Global Empowerment Movement (GEM); request

The resolution 381 requests The Title: State Department of Economic Development; cooperate with Queen Blessing’s vision for Global Empowerment Movement (GEM), USA in collaboration with the Blessings of Africa Empowerment Foundation for African (in the motherland and the diaspora) Economic and Community Development.

Roll Calls: 2017-03-28 – Senate – Senate Vote #247 (Y: 43 N: 3 NV: 9 Abs: 0) [PASS]. Title: Senate Resolution (S. R.) 381 |  Sponsored By: Senators James of the 35th and Rhett of the 33rd

Purpose: To support Queen Blessing’s selfless efforts in addressing the critical issues of African Immigrants in the State of Georgia as well as unity Africans in the Diaspora and bridging the gap.

Global Empowerment Ambassador

Queen Blessing advocates for disenfranchised families.

Queen Blessing founded the Be A Blessing” organizations (GEM – USA and BOA – Africa) to foster the real essence of living, which is ‘Love without Abuse,’Dignify the Needy,’ and live a healthy legacy.

 Through her nonprofit organizations, GEM and BOA, and her main initiatives, she has become a role model for women and single mothers, an advocate for global women and youth economic empowerment. Queen Blessing works with others to provide empowerment support to families ravaged by abuse, abandonment, and economic hardship as well as to transform, restore them into thriving and economically sustainable families. She stresses the importance of wellness, positive role models, and the development of Africa and black communities for our sake and that of our children’s future.

Queen Blessing is also the Founder of the African Union Sixth Region USA Foundation (AU6RUSA) to assist, mobilize, organize, and unite the people of African Descent in the United States of America.

Commendation for Dr. Queen Blessing

Dr. Queen Blessing is dedicated to empowerment services to advance gender equality and poverty eradication, inspiring women and their families, in the communities disadvantaged by poverty, economic circumstances prone to subjugation, human trafficking, especially the abused, abandoned single mothers and their children in distress. She provides empowerment solutions to the issues facing people in need and advocacy to practices that impede their human rights to economic empowerment to ensure that “no one woman or child or family is left behind.”
“Queen Blessing, you are a very strong woman. When I met you, I saw so much strength in your eyes. You walked with the Universe on your shoulders and made it look easy. Some may be intimidated by your great strength. You seem like a woman who is stronger because you had to be. I think that some people are afraid of the depth of your strength and the power you can generate. And I also believe that some will try to say or do things to dim that strong light that is inside of you. You are very strong Queens! I believe in the strength that I saw in you when we met. You set your own path! You chart your own course! You go where others, have never been! You take risk that others can’t or aren’t willing to take! You think big! Therefore, you are big! Don’t you ever lose your, “I am going to get to the top” attitude! You are so strong; you have amazing strength!”

George (Dr. George Holmes, Keynote Speaker, President Obama YALI program, 2015 @ Howard University, Washington D.C., President, Obama National Clergy Leadership Group, Chaplain and Religious Chair of the DC Democratic State Committee & Advisory Board Member of the World Chamber of Commerce).

“My Queen Blessing who is indeed are a true blessing sent to us from God as special gift to the world from the Motherland highly favored like our sister Mary who delivered the gift to the world. For she was I imagined was misunderstood mocked talk about most likely laugh at and sometimes confused herself HOW could this be me a virgin caring the Son of God in her womb to be the savior of the world. She knew her purpose and her God. She hid herself in Him and gave birth. You like Mary are giving birth to the Motherland as we both know giving birth can be painful, but the end result is indescribable miraculously incredible I salute you and say thank you on behalf of the Motherland. The blessing will soon be delivered thank you for your commitment your tenacity and your strength this is prophecy being fulfilled what an honor. I think God for your life bringing you into my life for such a time like this. God bless you” – Veronica Wright
“I appreciate you and our friendship I’m inspired by beauty, strength, intelligence and spirit” Mike

“This is beautiful, I salute your courage each time I see all this your accolades, it’s really amazing how you able to joggle everything together and still out your best, may Jehovah continue to impact to you wisdom needed to care for your household” – Agness Itua

“Wao. Big congrats on your new award. God will continue to uplift you in spite of the lies of the enemy” – Joe Imafidon
“Congrats on all your accomplishments. God is indeed doing wonders in your life” – Princes Titi Olagbegi
“Congratulations to you and yours! You’re a big celebrity!!! God loves you so much…. I’m very blessed to know you and i’m very proud of you” Ronny Delgade, Global Paint for Charity
“Thank you my beautiful Queen Blessing O Itua. You have inspired me beyond words. If it’s ok with you I would like to learn from you. I am new to community service that is global. I would love it if you would be willing to show me the ropes. Thanks, Sis, for representing us with honor. I love you Sis” – Jennifer Turner
“Congratulations to you and your son! What a remarkable achievement for him. You are a great Mom, and your heart must be filled with great pride and joy. And I am glad to see you recognized for your community service and humanitarian efforts. I look forward to working with you once we get the NAFDAC license” – David mills
“One day my blessed sister I would love to visit our home land. I so love our culture. You are such reflection of the brilliance of our people. Congratulations to your son, be PROUD, GOD IS WITH YOU!! BLESSINGS TO YOU QUEEN”- Bishop Kenneth Curry
“I remember the first time I was invited to your church, Queen Blessing O Itua took over my CDS and DVDs from my Assistant and started selling among church members. Introduced herself to me after service. She was so warm and beautiful “very tall on heels: She was all around me before during and after WORSHIP EXPERIENCE LIVE IN the CITY OF DAVID ATLANTA. MY HAIR, MY JEWELRY, MY SHOES TO MENTION A FEW. VISITED HER HOME AND SHE IS A GREAT MOTHER, AND A WONDERFUL DAUGHTER MET HER MUM AND HER GROWN UP KIDS. ITS NO WONDER GOD IS BLESSING YOU N PROMOTING YOU DESPITE ALL YOU GO THROUGH. IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER FOR YOU IN JESUS NAME” – Moji Alawiye, Word & music minister, host: The PMA show. President; worship experience live the USA
Dr. Queen, I congratulate you on your energy, creativity, and care! Seeing how you balance your children and career is quite admirable. The Lord will preserve you in Jesus’ name! – Prof. Vincent
“Very proud of you… Doesn’t matter that we just met this summer. You’re a sister…and I rejoice WITH you as God opens new doors and gives you new platforms. You’re definitely called to the government mountain…like Queen Esther… to stand in the gap for a people – to be their voice- and influence “the powers that be” for those who don’t have a voice… to be a vessel to bring about righteous judgement and national transformation. I love it!!!!” – Deborah Barrett
“I am always very impressed by your tenacious ability to get things done and your sagacity!
You are doing a great job with the kids! I am proud of you.
I truly appreciate and admire you a lot. You do not look like mother of 4! Your youthful look and pleasant personality are awesome! You are Beauty, Brain, Benevolence and Blessing” – Prof. A
“Queen Blessing Itua, you are not just an inspiration to many but a true blessing to humanity”

 – Dr George Onuorah

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