Dr. Queen Blessing is an inspirational author and motivator. Dr. Queen Blessing is an inspirational author, motivator, and a producer. Through her awareness, preventive, and habit transformational books and movies, she addresses social issues of untold unique stories that bring inspiration, empowerment, motivation, transformation, awareness, prevention, and impact positively.


    • We are The Blessings of Africa, Reshaping Our Greatness Together
    • Dying Inside: No-Skin Bleach Call To Loving Your True Skin, The Secret to Winning True Beauty From Within
    • Beauty Enslavement: What Every Black Woman Must Know About Beauty Perception and Habitual Dependency.
    • Women Wellness Empowerment: The Secret to Winning Greater Global Wellness

Book 1:

We Are The Blessings of Africa, Reshaping Our Greatness Together.” 

This book was launched at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. This UN event presented Queen Blessing and feature her book.

Quotes from We Are the Blessings of Africa

“Empower a woman and you empower the family, Community, City, Country, Continent, and the World. Women must be empowered to see themselves as part of the solution, not just as women reserved for sex or for the kitchen. Africa is a diverse continent, blessed with talented people, rich in diversity – different countries, different cultures, and natural resources.”

 “Empower a woman, and the issues of sex trafficking, domestic violence, abuse, impoverishment, and abandonment will be tackled with ease. When we focus on women, they will, in turn, create a sustainable means of livelihood for themselves, their children and the future leaders. Women are instrumental in family and community building. When women are fully involved, only then can we make real good progress, and only then can we truly prevent human trafficking, abuse, or even eradicate poverty. When we empower a woman, we have empowered the nation for sustainable development.”

Book 2:

“Dying Inside, Loving Your True Skin”

Dr. Queen Blessing’s personal life story and Dying Inside, Loving Your True Skin book are a significant part of a Hollywood feature film: Skinned. Dr. Queen Blessing starred and played herself as “Dr. Blessing,” the inspirational wellness expert, inspiring others with low self-esteem. The Skinned movie is acquired and televised nationally in America.

Dr. Queen Blessing is working on the second edition of this book: Dying Inside, No-bleach Call to Loving Your True Skin.

Queen Blessing’s Ultimate Goal: To inspire self-love, self-appreciation, and self-celebration. Our individual uniqueness……is a Blessing! 

Be motivated us to truly nurturing and cherishing your bodies, including your skin color and your mental health. This is what will put you on the right path to Greatness in ALL spheres of Life!  

“Keep your perfect look, OUR COLOR IS A BLESSING!

Focus on what truly matters: Discovering, developing your true Purpose, and deploying Our full potential.”

Dr. Queen Blessing Itua, a motivator, is an instructor at the History Makers Training, HMT. She is known to inspire and motivate individuals to fit, whole wellness. Queen Blessing, not only facilitates several inspirational classes, including Christian wellness ministry, she is passionate about lifestyle wellness for prevention education

Her motivational, life transforming trainings spans several tracks including Greater Whole Wellness, True Beauty from Within, and Godly View Point 

She has authored several book series in the three tracks

True Inner Beauty Book Series

  The first book series is ‘The Secret to Winning True Beauty From Within” which includes “Dying Inside, Loving Your True Skin.”  

Dying Inside, Loving Your True Skin is a powerful, inspirational wellness empowerment book that calls an urgent attention to the unpopular, hidden, detrimental, toxic chemicals found in some skin bleaching products. The inordinate desire to enhancing even skin tone or to attaining a lighter skin color with the intention of being perceived as more beautiful has blinded many to the deleterious heath consequences of skin lightening. The prolong and regular misuse of these deleterious products to attain tone enhancement has been an epidemic of many people of various cultures worldwide, including third world nations such as Africans, Caribbean, and other certain communities, where fair skin tone is sought after.

Dr. Queen Blessing passionately inspires you about self-love and how to achieve a balanced positive attitude and winning true beauty from within.

We have the power to raise awareness and to expose the real reasons behind skin bleaching. Only then will we be able to focus on prevention and the promotion of positive behavior aimed at changing perceptions and educating the public on the negative consequences of skin bleaching. 

“Dying Inside, Loving Your True Skin” promotes positive behaviors and proposes guidelines to winning true beauty from within with targeted strategies aimed at awareness, prevention, weaning, and self-esteem promotion.  

With this book and movement, Dr. Queen Blessing is on a mission to empower others, especially young girls and women.

 Dying Inside, Loving Your True Skin Book Thriller

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Skinned was based on premises from this book written by Dr. Queen Blessing Itua called Dying Inside – Loving Your True Skin. By Carla Renata’s Corner

Join The Self-Appreciation Movement #blessedtobeablessing #betheblessing #royallymadeforgreatness

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Greater Global Wellness Book Series

The second book series “The Secret to Winning Greater Global Wellness” includes Women Wellness Empowerment and Lifestyle Empowerment. These books together highlight the lifestyle modification for chronic disease prevention and the leading role of women in reducing childhood obesity and preventable chronic diseases worldwide.

Author, Georgia Senate Resolution 381

 Dr. Queen Blessing is the author of Georgia Senate Resolution 381.

The Title: State Department of Economic Development; cooperate with Queen Blessing Itua, Global Empowerment Movement (GEM); request

The resolution 381 requests The Title: State Department of Economic Development; cooperate with Queen Blessing’s vision for Global Empowerment Movement (GEM), USA in collaboration with the Blessings of Africa Empowerment Foundation for African (in the motherland and the diaspora) Economic and Community Development. 

Roll Calls: 2017-03-28 – Senate – Senate Vote #247 (Y: 43 N: 3 NV: 9 Abs: 0) [PASS]. Title: Senate Resolution (S. R.) 381

 Sponsored By: Senators James of the 35th and Rhett of the 33rd

Purpose: To support Queen Blessing’s selfless efforts in addressing the critical issues of African Immigrants in the State of Georgia as well as unity Africans in the Diaspora and bridging the gap.

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