African Diaspora

Dr. Queen Blessing is a tireless advocate for economic empowerment in black communities and for sustainable development of the motherland – Africa.  She advocates for uniting the People of African Descent, bridging the gap, and developing Africa – the Motherland.

Queen Blessing walks the talk and she unites the People of African Descent to engage, participate, and let their voices be heard. She inspires others to impact their communities in the Diaspora positively, and to work together in the development of the motherland, and our World as a whole. She currently serves as the Executive Coordinator of African Diaspora Day (ADD) annually at the Georgia State Capitol building.

Dr. Queen Blessing’s desire for coordinating the African Diaspora Day at the Georgia State Capitol is to create a forum for African immigrants to come together at the powerhouse; meet, great, and speak to elected and appointed government officials on behalf of African immigrants; to gain a voice at all grassroot levels of the government; and to encourage Africans to fully participate in the political discourse and system because our voices matter too.

Benefits of African Diaspora Day (ADD) at the Capitol

Our sole purpose is to ADD Value to Participants.

Dr. Queen Blessing (African in the Diaspora) co-host the African Diaspora Day at the Georgia Capitol annually with Her Excellency, Senator Donzella James (African American) to showcases our collective powers as well as the rich heritage and culture of the African diaspora.

Africans in the Diaspora are encouraged to unite with other people of African Descent including African Americans as well as become an integral part of the Georgia in particular, and American mainstream in general also opens opportunity for Africans to dialogue, network, as well as assists African businesses to have access to federal, state and local business.

African Diaspora Day (ADD) at the Capitol brings together annually many different African Countries, including Haiti, Jamaica, Bahamas, and African Americans for collective interests that cuts across community, educational, social, economic, tribal, ethnic, and political lines.

African Diaspora Day (ADD) at the Capitol provides the opportunity to come together under the Georgia Dome, in the ‘powerhouse’ to rub minds together, mingle, network, share success ideas, bridge the gap, and empower. It is an opportunity to also meet, share, ask questions, and learn from our legislatives.

Participants learn new things that will help them to be better citizens and they are empowered to participate in communities and political affairs because our voices matter.

Our Voices Matter Too

Dr. Queen’s sole purpose of spearheading the coordination of Africans in the Diaspora at the Georgia State Capitol annually is her conviction that we are stronger together and our voices matter too. 

We want to be a part of electing leaders that understand and respect our community and support us to start and run businesses because when our businesses thrive, our people thrive too, and we are economically stronger. 

We need people in power who are not so removed from our realities. Having leaders who are disconnected from our reality hinders our ability to achieve everything we set out to.

We cannot afford to watch at the side line when we have our own businesses and children and contribute to the economy of the State and Nation. We are limiting ourselves and allowing our circumstances, unseen by those who were elected to represent us.

I am spearheading this platform to write a NEW chapter for our people of African Descent – where our leaders reflect our values and understand our struggles. Where no one is unseen, no one is unheard, and no one is left behind, but everyone has the freedom and opportunity to thrive.

Together, we can make sure our leaders’ value us enough to fight for us and know that we matter.

Only then can we gain our power – economic and political power; and only then can we truly remedy systemic issues affecting our communities. When our businesses thrive, not only are we stronger in our communities in the diaspora, but we can start to bridge the gap and fix the abysmal wealth disparity that exists between African nations and the rest of world. We can then truly integrate our communities in the diaspora, and our communities in the motherland – Africa as we create a new generation of African immigrants and African leaders.

Black Unity - Black Community Empowerment: Unite African Descendants and African Americans and African in the Diaspora

Dr. Queen Blessing was raised in Africa, after over twenty years in America, and travelling around the world, she can say from experience that the Black Communities around the world (Black Communities in African and in the Diaspora, including African Americans, etc.) have many common issues plaguing black communities worldwide.  Dr. Queen Blessing’s clearly firmly believes that “a united black community” will solve the common issue locally, nationally, and around the world. “Black Unity” will help to strengthen the “Economic Power in Black Communities.”

Dr. Queen Blessing firmly believes that the world will be a better place when all Blacks around the worldwide value their ‘common blackness’ and togetherness. We can harness the blackness by harnessing our collective powers and supporting Black businesse which will increase our economic power. With economic power, we can generate and provide the resources and relationships they need to produce breakthrough results in their governments, communities, businesses, and solve the common issues affecting the Black Communities around the world.

We are Stronger Together!

African Union Sixth Region USA
Dr. Queen Blessing established the African Union Sixth Region USA Foundation as the platforms to coordinate and unify Africans in the Diaspora for sustainable development and for bridging the gap. Together, we can address critical issues affecting the People of African Descent: Education, health, and immigration issues that directly affect Africans living in the state of Georgia in particular, and the United States in general.

Dr. Queen Blessing recently founded the African Union Sixth Region USA Foundation (AU6RUSA) organization to assist, mobilize, organize, and unite the People of African Descent in the United States of America.

The African Union is the linear descendant of the Organization of African Unity which has been in existence since May 25, 1963. Since 2005 the African Union recognized the efforts of the African Diaspora and in order to engage civil society in their processes has created the 6th Region.

Activities: The Organization will engage in the following activities

  1. Encouragement and intensification of the participation of the African Diaspora in Conflict Resolution, Peace Making/Keeping, Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Furtherance of Human Rights and Good Governance in Africa and the African Diaspora.
  2. Establishment of mechanisms and instruments or strategic partnerships to mobilize resources, including the creation of a Diaspora Bank in Canada to manage Diaspora remittances from USA; Provide innovative financial support to Diaspora entrepreneurship in USA; Mobilize resources for the engagement of the African Diaspora in Canada as an important source of support for the African continent.
  1. Establishment of an integrated African Diaspora Center in America
  1. Establishment of a framework for project development
  1. The Organization through its Commissions will advise the America government on the African Union African Diaspora related issues.
  1. The Organization shall work closely with the American Commissions to promote the integration and exchange between African and its Diaspora.
  1. Promotion of African culture in America as a means to: celebrate and preserve the shared heritage between Africa and persons of African descent in America; consolidate African identity, unity and solidarity;
  2. Leveraging of the influence and strength of African Diaspora entrepreneurs, professionals and intellectuals to: Mobilize human as well as capital resources to support economic development efforts in Africa and, in so doing, compile a comprehensive African Diaspora skills database in America and corresponding market intelligence as a means toward identifying key areas of critical shortage and short, medium and long-term needs of the African development agenda;
  1. Formation of strategic partnerships with existing African media in America to: re-brand Africa and counter stereotypes about Africans and people of African descent; Provide both Africans in the Diaspora and Americans with better access to balanced information that enables them to appreciate the situation of the people in Africa and reflect the perspectives of Africa and the people of Africa; profile African challenges and African initiatives and in so doing ensure optimal placement of African success stories in the media;
  2. Creation of durable mechanisms that take the differential experience of African Diaspora women and youth in consideration with the aim to: ensure their inclusion in the activities of the Organization; promote activities that empower African Diaspora women and youth in America.