Pain to Power Code with Woman of Wisdom

Dr. Queen Blessing’s life experience is a powerful experience, not because it is a tale of “poor to riches,” but her story is powerful because it is not unique, it is a commonplace; it is all of our stories, a story about challenges. Queen Blessing’s slowed her struggles to shape her and her values into a dedicated, resilient woman of faith, family, responsibility, and service. 

Are you shackled by the pain of exploitation, deception, and betrayal?

Have you been trafficked, abused, and abandoned? You are not alone; this session mission is to empower victims and survivals that have experienced exploitation and domestic abuse to break free from the shackles and develop to their full potential.

As a victor of abuse, abandonment, heartaches, economic challenges, Queen Blessing keynote is real and honest. She uses powerful personal stories to challenge her audience while sending a true message and breaking down even the toughest heart. She addresses real issues and empowers victims to become victors and turn their past pains/experiences into a power platform of legacy. 

Dr. Queen Blessing’s impoverished background growing up in Africa as well as the painful and challenging single motherhood experience of four wonderful children in America gave her insight and understanding of the struggles and dangers facing the abused, abandoned single mothers, underprivileged, impoverished, and voiceless people in need. She was forced to overcoming her own painful experience as she learned how to own and add God to her pain with her favorite phrase “when God is in it.” This helped her to put in perspective and address the critical challenges that she faced. Her personal experience and deep passion drives her in the fight against the modern-day enslavement, including self and imposed enslavement. 

She is victor who passionately help other people to discover their purpose in their pain. She is an inspirational woman of worth and wisdom and she train others, including pastors, business leaders, and professionals about the power of mindset transformation for the purpose of impacting their business, productivity, etc.

Having mastered the technique of turning her pain to power and achieving great success in her endeavors in spite of her own challenges, Queen Blessing now dedicates her time to empower other people, particularly the abused and abandoned women, single mothers and their children to do the same – achieve great success amidst their challenges. 

Experience is the best teacher, engage Dr. Queen Blessing, learn how to turn your pain into power

no matter what has happened to you in the past and regardless of what challenges that you face.

You are born to be great and you can still turn things around.

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