Dr. Queen Blessing Coordinates & Co-Hosts “A Taste Of Africa In The Diaspora: Bridging The Gap”

Dr. Queen Blessing Itua authored Georgia Senate Resolution 381, which is sponsored by Senators Donzella James and Michael Rhett (D – Atlanta). The resolution named Dr. Queen Blessing Itua as the Coordinator of the annual African Diaspora Day at the state Capitol and requested the economic department to support her and her community economic empowerment efforts, using her platforms: Global Empowerment Movement Corp (501c3 Status) and Blessings of Africa Empowerment Foundation (African Empowerment Foundation). In celebration of the resolution, Sen. James and Dr. Queen Blessing Itua hosted the 2018 Annual African Diaspora Day: “A Taste of Africa in the Diaspora: Bridging the Gap” at the Georgia State Capitol on March 23, 2018. The African Diaspora Day had the support of the Georgia Legislators, members of the Black Caucus, Lieutenant Governor, etc. The participants were presented before the senate during the session. There were many legislators, including members of the Black Caucus passionate speakers. There were well over 15 African Countries, including Haiti, Jamaica, Bahamas, etc. participating with over 15 different African traditional Foods. Many Ambassadors, including Consulate Generals from Liberia, Bahamas, Uganda, Jamaica, etc. were honored with the Secretary of State Award. Dr. Queen Blessing Itua also presented her newest book: “We Are The Blessings of Africa, Reshaping Our Greatness Together.”
Mission: Promote a good relationship for mutual interest, urging the Department of Economic Development to promote and strengthen mutually beneficial ties with nations of Africa
• Promote the State of Georgia and the Atlanta area as the gateway for business with Africa
• Promote, encourage, and facilitate the location of African consulates general in Georgia and the Atlanta area
• Promote the port of Savannah as the main center for cargo shipment of goods between Africa and the United
• Promote for Business’ forum and related networking, job creation, and investment opportunities; cultural
diversity, tourism, and food.
Africa is a continent rich in natural resources and cultural history.
According to Dr. Queen Blessing, “even though many African countries still face terrible hardship and unstable government, Africa’s time is now! As an advocate of African economic development, it is my great honor to invite you to learn more about this African Diaspora Day epic event which fosters our international relationship in conjunction with the passage of Senate Resolution 381. It is my earnest desire to unite Africans in the Diaspora, African Americans, and other African Descendants as well as to connect them to join in rebuilding Africa. It is my hope that we can continue to bridge the Gap and to develop international partnerships which support the emergence of Africa’s private sector, promote direct foreign investment in Africa, and leverage the imbalances in Africa’s growing economy.”